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Delmar sea water solution nasal spays are intended for people with impaired physiological function of their nasal mucosa and for the daily hygiene of nasal cavities.

Delmar Fresh.png

Isotonic sea water solution with eucalyptus

Delmar Hypertonic.png

Hypertonic sea water solution with high salt concentration

Delmar Isotonic.png

Isotonic sea water solution

Delmar Pantheol.png

Isotonic sea water solution with panthenol

Delmar Sensitive.png

Isotonic sea water solution with aloe vera

It is estimated that, the average adult has between two to three colds per year, with symptoms that include sneezing and runny nose. Colds are caused mainly by viruses - more than 200 different viruses can cause a cold- therefore, antibiotics are not helping in treatment of colds. In order to keep ourselves protected from colds, we need to do very simple things that sum up to avoiding contact with viruses in our everyday life, while boosting our immune system by resting enough, being hydrated and keeping our throat, nose, and airways comfortable.

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